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From the Pan

Nile Perch a la Puttanesca

Delicious, meaty chunks of Nile perch cooked in homemade puttanesca tomato sauce with additions of anchovies and ginger 

Ushs. 30,000.

Pan seared tilapia fillet with lemon butter sauce


Tuna croquettes

Crumbed and seasoned tuna pan-fried and served with French fries or rice



Beef Stroganoff

Served with parsley potatoes, rice, and seasonal vegetables

Ushs. 20,000.

Tex-Mex tilapia

Tilapia fillet grilled in the pan, topped with seasoned bell peppers accompanied with parsley potatoes, mango salsa or tartar sauce

Ushs. 20,000

Chicken Maryland with Mashed Potatoes

Pan-fried crumbed chicken fillet seasoned with herbs and spices and served with mashed potatoes or french fries

Ushs. 20,000


Pan-fried Ugandan Pork

Tender chunks of pork marinated Ugandan style and served with potato wedges or cassava strips and a salad

Ushs. 25,000.

Stewed Nile Perch or Tilapia


Ugandan style cooked in stew form, served in a deep bowl and accompanied by ugali or rice

Ushs. 28,000.

Chinese work

A Stir-fried dish of either beef, pork, or chicken prepared oriental style and served with vegetables and chinese noodles or fried rice

Ushs. 30,000



A variety of fried chicken, each with a distinct taste and served with a special Maanzo sauce and salad, and either corn bread or french fries    

Maanzo Fried Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken marinated 24 hours in Maanzo’s special herbs and spices

Ushs. 17,000.

Nashville style hot chicken

A mixed blend of whole milk, paprika, cayenne, garlic, etc., deep fried and brushed with a spicy oil mix consisting of Maanzo’s Volcano hot sauce

Ushs. 20,000

Bon Ton style fried chicken

Boneless chicken thighs marinated 24-hours in a special concoction and dredged in seasoned flour, cayenne, soy sauce, worcestershire and garlic

Ushs. 18,000


Rosemary-brined, Buttermilk/Whole Milk Fried Chicken

Brine flavored with aromatics, herbs and spices, delectably tender and juicy and served with branches of deep fried rosemary and lemon zest

Ushs. 20,000.



Seasoned with Maanzo herbs and spices, cooked in a creamy sauce


Taking Maanzo Aperitif to the next level of inspiring, spirited dining in Uganda


Tender florets of broccoli carefully simmered with fine herbs


Hot or cold, our dessert will turn an average meal into a memorable event.

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